Healthy treats for pups! carrots, broccoli, green beans, apples and even frozen vegetables to clean those teeth.  

If it's too hot for your toes, it's too hot for the paws.

Remember to walk your dog in the early morning or late evening. 

Pet-sitter finds Ahwatukee an animal-friendly place for business

- As featured in Ahwatukee Foothills News -

Bridget Freighoff has found that she doesn’t have to leave Ahwatukee often to find clients for her petsitting business, 4Paw Sitting.

“I primarily work with Ahw...

If your indoor cat gets out and doesn't come home for a longer time than their usual outdoor venture...

...put their litter box outside your front door or in the back yard. They can smell it up to a mile away and find their way back home!

- - -

Ahwatukee pet sitter Bridge...

It's that time of year again for Ahwatukee dog owners. The heat rises and inevitably the creepy, crawly and slithery come out to play and may come in contact with your pet. Today we're talking about the slithery. Rattlesnakes.

Some areas of Ahwatukee, like the Foothills...

Summertime is a great season to be active with your pets, but heat, especially in Arizona, can bring about some pet care challenges.

Wild animals are adapted to the elements, but companion animals can be just as susceptible to extreme temperatures as their owners. What...

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