September 13, 2020

A natural remedy for pup allergies is honey. A small amount can be given each day. The honey has to be from local hives so that is contains small amounts of the local pollen that are causing your pet's allergies.  Consult your veterinarian prior to use.

April 13, 2020

Wanted to update you on the coronavirus and the spread from your fur babies...

Per the CDC:

*They do not have evidence that pets can spread the COVID-19 to people or that they might be a source of the infection!

Please stay safe and well.  Keep your social distance and st...

February 6, 2020

Leaving grains out of your dog's diet might be a far greater health risk then keeping them in. According to a "warning" from the Food and Drug Administration just released, grain-free food might be giving dogs a life-threating heart problem called dilated cardiomyopath...

October 2, 2019

-Fainting or collapsing

-Frequent coughing

-Tired, lack of energy

-Reduced appetite or weight loss

-Swelling of the abdomen

-Shortness of breath

August 8, 2019

Here are a few interesting dog facts you may not know:

1. Dogs have a sense of time, it's been proven they know the difference between an hour and 5 hours.

2.Your dog is as smart as a 2 year old human.

3. The United States has the highest pet population.

4. Petting your pu...

June 28, 2019

The following brands of dog food can lead to heart disease :

-Rachel Ray Nutrish



-4 Health

-Earthbound Holistic

-Blue Buffalo


-Natural Balance

-Nature's Valley


As always, please speak to your veterinarian for recommendations.

June 19, 2019

Just a friendly reminder to not walk your pups during the day. Early morning or after dark it the best time of day. If it's too hot for your bare feet, It's too hot for their paws.

May 21, 2019

A new type of peanut butter and other nut butters are being sold with less sugar and including xylitol as a sweetener.  Xylitol is used in sugarless gum and can be deadly to dogs.  Please read your ingredient labels. 

March 28, 2019

Symptoms of Diabetes in dogs and cats:

-Loss of appetite

-Excessive drinking and urination (PUPD)



-Weight loss

-Loss of muscles and weakness

-Depression and lethargy

-Unkempt haircoat and dandruff

*On a personal note: my dog started wetting the bed at nig...

March 5, 2019

Acclimate: If the pet is not used to being in a carrier, begin to introduce the carrier as a regular routine so that when the move comes, the transition will not be as drastic. Similarly, if a dog is not used to car travel, begin taking short trips to introduce the exp...

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