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Ahwatukee Dog Owners: Beware of Sago Palm Poisoning

Popular Ahwatukee landscaping causes severe, sometimes deadly, poisoning to dogs.

Ahwatukee Pet Sitter | Sago Palms poison Ahwatukee dogs

The Sago Palm, also known as coontie palms, cardboard palms, cycads or zymias, is a popular choice for Ahwatukee landscapes.

If you are a dog owner you are probably well aware of their penchant for chewing and sometimes eating plants. Most of the time, dogs eat grass and other greens to aid in digestion, however, they may on occasion unwittingly ingest a plant with toxic properties.

The leaves of the Sago Palm are highly toxic to dogs, causing severe damage to the liver and possibly even death in severe cases.

Ahwatukee Pet Sitter | 4Paw Sitting | Sago Palm toxic for dogs


Symptoms seen with ingestion of sago palms include:

  • Vomiting

  • Blood in feces

  • Bloody diarrhea

  • Icterus (yellow coloration of skin and gums)

  • Increased thirst

  • Increased urine

  • Bruising

  • Bleeding easily (coagulopathy, DIC)

  • Neurological signs such as depression, circling, paralysis, seizures, coma

Should your dog exhibit any of the above symptoms, seek medical care immediately, especially if you have Sago Palms on or around your property.

- Bridget Freidhoff is an experienced Veterinary Assistant and owner of 4Paw Sitting, a custom Ahwatukee Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service.

- Partial sourcing: See full post HERE

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Ahwatukee pet sitter Bridget Freidhoff has a passion for Animals

My passion for animals and interest in serving others inspired my decision to become a professional pet sitter.

Prior to opening 4PawSitting in Ahwatukee, I was an experienced veterinary assistant for several years at a prestigous hospital in Scottsdale, assisting in all types of surgeries, performing dentals, post op care, hospitalization, and educating owners on overall wellness.

I provide full time caring for pets while their owners are away. Having your pet in a comfortable environment without the kennel concerns and extra vaccinations makes your travel less stressful. That's why I started 4Paw Sitting.

Ahwatukee Pet Sitter | 4Paw Sitting

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