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8 Tips for Moving with PETS

Acclimate: If the pet is not used to being in a carrier, begin to introduce the carrier as a regular routine so that when the move comes, the transition will not be as drastic. Similarly, if a dog is not used to car travel, begin taking short trips to introduce the experience.

Safety: Check with your veterinarian if your pet is healthy enough for travel, especially if they have to be shipped by air. high altitudes can have an impact on pets just as much as humans.

Stops: Should you need to stop at a hotel, take special care to research pet friendly locations.

Paperwork: Make sure to bring all adoption and health certificates with you. This is especially important with traveling overseas or across state lines.

Tags: Remember to change the tags on your pet to reflect the new address, in case they do get out.

Perimeter Check: Check the new house for hazards. Look for holes in the wall, small spaces, open windows, and small, loose items.

Arriving: Integrate the pet into a single room, and preferably give them something familiar to play with. A blanket, a toy etc.

Love: Show them extra attention and care through the moving process, as the move can be hectic, and stressful time for your Pet.

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